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  OGWeed is an NFT art leveraging SOLANA blockchain advantages for the weed-friendly community as a membership card. Each NFT has a unique character, made around a hundred unique traits 100% hand-drawn by our OG Artist, GZ.


  These different characteristics have been put together algorithmically to obtain 10,420 unique pieces with a rarity that varies for each of them. Our fundamental goal is first and foremost that each NFT gives to the owner rewards and special privileges.



     We want our NFT holders to feel that they are part of the OGWeed family and that we will grow as such. Your OGWeed NFT will not be only an awesome unique piece of art, but it will be your membership card to the OG Weed community on-chain or in real life.

    Every membership card will have a unique design and special attributes that will give you advantages to create the next generations. Each gen will be designed by a new artist and ONLY holders of the first gen of OGWeed NFTs, called “Mother Plants” (Gen 0), will be able to generate the next ones

    As a Holder of this NFT membership card you will be rewarded every month by receiving royalties on the sales made on the secondary market. In addition, we will propose to the OGWeed members’ airdrops, discounts with our partners, goodies, governance votes, special events with limited access and much more such as online and live meetings to pufpuf together.

   All these advantages will be possible by taking a 30% fees on EACH secondary market sale. We have a lot more to share with the community, and we will release everything at the right moment, this is just the tip of the iceberg and hopefully the following steps will blow your mind.






November 2021



Presentation of the project

Details of the functioning of the community, AMA sessions


Launch of the website, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Instagram

Whitelist details

Explanation of the whitelist plan


Seed pack sales

The best way to be whitelisted




November & December 2021



Start of allocation of 450 whitelists

Sneak peaks

Presentation of the collection


168 membership cards will be distributed to the community


December 2021




Honorific invitations

Influential weed-friendly personalities will be invited


End of whitelist

The 7420 whitelists should have been distributed



Mid of December 2021



White list mint period

Mint will be open to whitelist for a 42-hour period


Public sales

The public sales will start after the whitelist sales


Q1 2022



Secondary market

Partnertship announcements

Revenues Events







We work hard, you enjoy it!

Launch of the Web 3.0 new website

1st special event



Q4 2022


Introduction to graftings

Introduction to cuttings



What can I do with The OGWeed NFT ?

     In addition to having a unique piece of art that can be traded on the secondary market, you will benefit from all the advantages attributed to OGSeed holders with a way better percentage of return on your royalties that will be paid each month. Also, there will be exclusive benefits such as the ability to generate the next gens using techniques like the transplant or the cutting method, exclusive OGWeed airdrops on special occasions or parties, cashback on paid fees, chances to receive goodies in real life or online, the OGWeed role on Discord, etc…

How much does the OGWeed mint cost ?

     Public sale price is set to 0.5 SOL (The whitelist is guaranteed to all OGSeed holders.)

What exactly are the advantages for the OGSeed Holders ?

     On top of having their seats guaranteed for the minting phase of the OGWeed, OGSeed holders will enjoy the following lifetime benefits: “OGSeed holder” NFT, right to vote on governance decisions, a percentage of royalties, access to live and online events, discounts with our partners, cashback on royalties paid, live and online goodies, seed role on Discord, and exclusive access to merch presales.

How many NFTs will be generated ?

     There will be only 10,420 unique OGWeed created which will constitute the Mother Plants. It will be absolutely necessary to have an OGWeed from gen 0 to create the following generations either by making cuttings or graftings.

Do you have a rarity system ?

     Indeed we have a system of rarity for each attribute of our plants but it is not all. We also assigned to each strain variety a rate of THC and Boost which will impact the frequency of transplantation and cutting as well as the chances to obtain a rare plant. The place of growth of your OGWeed will also add THC to your NFT.

     So, It will be then necessary to carefully choose your partner before making a graft. But don’t worry, in our community we have very good growers to help you.

How does the royalty program work ?

     Each sale on the secondary market will be taxed at a rate of 30% in order to ensure that members can enjoy all their benefits. Half of this fee will be returned to all holders each month directly into their wallets.

     The rest will be used to fund upcoming projects, events and partnerships for the community, marketing and communication, paying the artist and also the team.

Can I sell them in the second marketplace ?

     Yes, we are currently in contact with several marketplaces to incorporate our NFTs into their storefronts. We are also working on our own marketplace with Metaplex integrated on our site.

Where can I see my OGSeed and OGWeed after purchasing them ?

     You will be able to see it on your Phantom Wallet. We are also working on the possibility to display it directly on our website through your wallet.

On which Blockchain is OGWeed evolving ?

     OGWeed is built on the Solana Blockchain because it allows transfer of funds with almost no transfer fees. We thought it would be the best choice because it corresponds to our desire to pay royalties each month to OGWeed and OGSeed holders. And of course SOLANA is a player that is becoming a major actor in the NFT world.

How are NFTs generated ?

     Each trait, characteristic or attribute has been entirely drawn by hand before being assembled by a computer algorithm. OGWeed is a collection around a hundred unique attributes divided into several categories such as type and variety of weed, place where it grows, lighting, watering, eyes, mouth or accessories.

     A rarity system is in place so each one of our 10,420 OGWeed will be absolutely unique but some will be extremely rare.

What is grafting ?

     Best known as “breeding”, grafting is a way to generate the plants of the new generation. For that it will be necessary to associate two OGWeeds in order to obtain a new plant made by a new artist which will have characteristics of its parents and also new attributes which will be proper to it. In short, if you have two rare plants you will have a much more chance to have a rare plant. Once two plants have been grafted there will be a specific drying time to start again.

Which wallet should I use to mint my OGSeed or OGWeed ?

     Phantom wallet is currently the best choice on Solana regarding its chrome extension, security and ease of use.

What is cutting ?

     Cutting is a complementary way to graft in order to mint a new generation plant. This one will have more or less the same attributes as the mother plant with a minority of random attributes. Once a plant has been cut there will be a specific drying time to start again.

How does the cashback work ?

    As an OGSeed owner, you will get a part of the royalty fees paid during resales back into your wallet as cashback. For example, if you have an OGSeed and an OGWeed on your account and you want to sell your OGWeed, you will pay 30% of the royalty fee but 5% of the royalty fee will be returned to you as cashback (so you will pay only 25% of the royalty fee).

     There is a possibility of stacking level by adding an OGSeed and an OGWeed, these two NFTs together will enable you to earn back half of the royalty fees and so you pay only 15% instead of 30% in total. In summary the OGSeed allows you to get 5% in cashback and an OGSeed added to an OGWeed 15%.


Jean Roulin

CEO & Founder


CTO & Co-Founder

Edward D. Finger

BDM & Co-Founder